Round Health is a handy medication reminder app that is designed to help users remember to take their pills. The app is simple to setup and does a nice job of unobtrusively reminding patients when to take their medications. Users can program in dosing for a fairly extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as supplements.

Round Health 1

Users are asked to register in the app, but it’s not required. The app still provides excellent functionality without registration. For those who do wish to signup, the Privacy Policy explains how their data will be used. Users may choose to opt out by sending an email to Round Health support

Medication entry is pretty straightforward. Patients start by typing in a drug name. A drop down list populates as the user enters letters. One issue in the app is with misspelled drug names that are included in the list such as ‘metfomin’ and ‘ibupfrofen’. OTC meds are listed as vitamins which is a little weird, but doesn’t affect the performance of the app.

After selecting the medication, users can choose the dose from a list or can enter a custom dose. The dosage list displayed depends on which formulation is chosen (ex: levothyroxine vs levothyroxine, etc). If the patient can’t find their dose, there is a useful option that allows input of a custom dose. This may be particularly helpful with medications like levothyroxine where the dose may be listed on the patient’s prescription bottle as 88 mcg or 0.088 mg.

Once the dose strength is entered, app users select whether the dose is scheduled or as needed. This terminology could be improved as some patients may not readily understand the medical meaning of the term scheduled.

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Timing of the dose is then selected by the user using a dial that allows any time of day to be set. Finally, the dose reminder window is chosen where people can set a notification within a specific range of the dose time. Three notification reminders are sent: at the beginning, middle, and end of the chosen window. Users must elect to receive notifications for this to work properly.

One downside is doses taken multiple times daily must be set individually. It would be a nice addition if the user could just select twice or three times daily dosing when needed.

Patients note that they have taken their dose by swiping left on the notification screen or going into the app and tapping a circle. For those with smartwatches, notifications from the phone can also go to the watch so patients won’t miss a pill reminder if they are away from their phone.

Users can also set the number of pills they have remaining. The app will then deduct pills taken from the total and alert patients when they are running low.

The app includes a pill calendar for oral contraceptives that allows people to input data regarding their pill pack. It can include placebo pills and reminders for the placebo pills if the user desires. Refill reminders occur when medication gets down to five pills remaining.

  • Price
    • Free
    • Dose reminders via phone or smartwatch notifications
    • Includes custom strengths if patient cannot find the correct dose of their pill
    • OCP calendar for placebo and active pill dosing
  • Dislikes
    • Only available for Apple products
    • Typos in drug names make the app feel less trustworthy
    • Could be easier to add multiple daily doses (BID, TID, etc)
  • Overall

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Round Health app. It would be worth recommending to patients with a couple of cautions included. Setting up dosing of medications and supplements is fairly easy, though could be improved with the addition of multiple daily dose. Another nice-to-have feature would be allowing the patient to set whether the medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach or with food. Overall, pretty useful for patients but could use some cleaning up of typos and helpful additional features.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface

    Pretty easy to use for entering medications.

  • Multimedia Usage
    • N/A
  • Price


  • Real World Applicability

    Helping patients manage medication regimens ideally will help with adherence and improve outcomes.

  • Device Used For Review

    iPhone 6s

  • Available for DownloadiPhoneiPad