USC Keck School of Medicine’s Cardiology department has launched a ResearchKit study app for patients that use Ventricular Assist Devices(VAD) called VADable.

The most common VAD is the left ventricular assistance device (LVAD), a device that we Emergency Medicine physicians who work at large academic centers know all too well due to the care required to maintain these devices.

Once in place, patients with these implanted cardiac devices have cardiac teams in place that are on call 24/7 in case there are any issues with them. These care teams are constantly communicating with their VAD patients to make sure the devices are working appropriately.

Keck School of Medicine’s VADable app will allow these cardiac teams to collect real time data from patients with VAD devices in place. The VADable app will allow patients to send their medical teams the following daily information:

1) Pump Speed
2) Pump flow
3) Pulsatility Index
4) Power
5) A daily photo of their VAD and skin interface to monitor for infection.
6) Health metrics that are being monitored with your iPhone’s built in health metrics features — such as steps, calories burnt, sleep time (syncing with Health app).
7) Survey data

The VADable app was made in partnership with Medable — an app and analytics platform for healthcare.

List of other Apple ResearchKit medical apps.

VADable app (iPhone) Link

USC VADable device 2