Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Colorado has released a medical app called Rx Review that helps pharmacy students identify prescribing errors.

Pharmacists do an amazing job of making sure prescriptions are filled out correctly, and any physician will tell you they are a great safety net in healthcare. This free medical app allows students to go through data from prescriptions and then asks them to identify the errors.

Rx Review is interesting in that it doesn’t teach you exactly how to go through a prescription, but gives examples and teaches through overall repetition. You can highlight fields and the medical app will tell you if that is where the error is. For example, Rx review will give an example of a prescription with a schedule 2 drug that has refills — and want you to identify this error.

Rx Review is not a very polished app, but serves its purpose well, and is an interesting example of how a medical app with an interactive UI can help students learn through repetition.

Price: Free
iPhone, iPad Link
Not available for Android

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