Earlier this year, the Third International Consensus on Sepsis also known as “Sepsis 3.0” was published. This was the first new sepsis guideline since 2003; however, this guideline only updated adult sepsis. The current pediatric sepsis guidelines commonly utilized in the United States were last updated in 2005 and revised in 2012.

My current favorite adult sepsis apps include ESCAVO Sepsis and SmartIntern Sepsis. Previously here on iMedicalApps we reviewed the ESCAVO Sepsis app and SmartIntern Sepsis favorably. The ESCAVO Sepsis app includes a section on pediatric sepsis while SmartIntern Sepsis only focuses on the Sepsis 3.0 adult guideline. The United Kingdom’s NICE guidelines include a pediatric sepsis guideline that was updated in 2013 and a draft guideline is also now available. The recently released Diagnosis of Child Sepsis app uses the NICE guideline and a validated clinical tool to assist in the evaluation of the child under the age of five with suspected sepsis.

The medical app takes the new sepsis guidelines and creates a user friendly sepsis diagnosis algorithm that incorporates qSOFA and SOFA. Both calculators are built right into the Diagnosis of Child Sepsis app. Further, the sepsis app provides commentary and excerpts of the guidelines throughout the step by step process and “changes” the output in real time based on the input you give the app about the patient you are evaluating.

Video Review

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Evidence based medicine

The description of Diagnosis of Child Sepsis in the App Store states that it is based on a clinically valid sepsis diagnosis tool for children under the age of five with suspected sepsis.  Diagnosis of Child Sepsis also states it utilizes NICE sepsis guidelines. However, the medical app does not include any references or documentation for any of this information in the app.

Who would benefit from the Diagnosis of Child Sepsis Medical App?

Students, nurses, residents, mid-levels, family medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine or any provider who cares for pediatric patients with sepsis.

DoCS - Diagnosis Of Child Sepsis

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  • Price
    • $1.99
    • Fills a void for current pediatric sepsis apps.
    • Data input is easy and quick.
    • Available for Android.
  • Dislikes
    • No documentation with this medical app or directions.
    • Lack of evidence included for guideline built into the app.
    • Price is high considering content of app.
  • Overall

    Diagnosis of Child Sepsis is a potentially useful medical app that focuses on an updated child sepsis guideline, but is hindered by an underwhelming interface and total absence of supporting documentation or even directions on use or interpretation of data.  Without these appropriate references we cannot recommend the use of this sepsis app. 

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface

    Entering the required data into the child sepsis algorithm is relatively easy and the app includes a reset button to start over.

  • Multimedia Usage

    The app lacks any links or multimedia aspects.

  • Price

    App is reasonably priced, but considering its current content is relatively expensive.

  • Real World Applicability

    The app cannot be recommended to be put to use in the ER or wards at this time due to the lack of documentation and other references. The app works fine and suggests potential courses of action, but without knowing the evidence behind the app, it cannot be recommended at this time.

  • Device Used For Review

    iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3.5

  • Available for DownloadAndroidiPhoneiPad