The CDC’s most recent medical app is called Positive Health Check — an app focused on people living with HIV. The medical app was designed to help people living with HIV supplement their HIV primary care visits and at this time is still in study mode.

Currently there is a Positive Health Check Evaluation Trial that is being undergone to evaluate the efficacy of the Positive Health Check app. The app provides video counseling and intervention that has been developed by the CDC to try to improve clinical health outcomes among persons living with HIV. The randomized control trial will last over a 24 month period and will attempt to enroll 2,320 participants. The study will also document the cost and feasibility of utilizing Positive Health Check in the HIV primary care clinic setting.

Some of the ways the study will measure improved health outcomes are by HIV antiretroviral therapy initiation and adherence, retention of care, sexual risk reduction by measuring incidents of STDs, and suppression of HIV-1 viral load.

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Positive Health Check app(iPad only)