Taking a child to a doctor for a routine checkup let alone treatment for a chronic illness or surgery can be difficult. The child may fear the examination process, as well as the doctor, while parents are faced with the hard task of understanding what is wrong with their child and taking care of the child correctly.

The main key to a successful outcome of their child’s visit is to know what questions to ask and understand care instructions properly. Unfortunately, many parents are busy and performing research prior to a doctor’s appointment is time-consuming. That is why the Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital has teamed up with Net-Craft to produce the Our Journey series of apps for diabetes, heart surgery, and routine doctor’s office visits.

General Features

The Our Journey series of apps is intended to be an information resource for parents. The apps were developed out of frustration because of a lack of health resources available to parents and they are available for free.

All the medical apps in the series contain a set of tabs for resources, “teach back” points, and notes. The resources give a list of resources specific to the app while the teach-back section gives a list of items parents should know and try to explain to the health professional before heading home. For parents, it is a good idea to take notes during the visit and write down questions prior to a visit. The notes section of the medical apps provide a convenient place to write down their notes and questions.


As a result of sedentary lifestyles, more children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes while genetic factors result in Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Parents who find out their child has diabetes face a major dilemma in terms of long-term care and effects of the disease. The Our Journey with Diabetes helps parents prepare by providing resources specific to diabetes care and medicines as well as “teach back” points including the type of insulin used, names of fast and slow-acting insulin medications, how often to administer insulin to their child, and how often to check their child’s blood sugar.

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Unavailable