Apple recently announced they will be allowing advertising within their iOS search in the App Store. They cite that over 65% of downloads come directly from searches in the App Store. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the underlying issue of search and issues physicians and health providers have finding medical apps. One of the biggest issues is that the medical category is full of apps that are wellness related and should be in the health category. I wrote about this issues of medical app misclassification six years ago, and unfortunately the problem persists, and is only worse.

Apple has made some tweaks over the years, allowing health providers to search for medical apps by specialty, but even that process has issues.

When it comes to search — I think this will actually be a good thing for health providers. Since our market is niche and won’t get much attention from Apple anyways, it should enable medical app developers of useful apps to reach us better. So when people search for “ENT apps” or “ENT”, they should hopefully get more refined results, as opposed to coloring books apps.

For medical app developers interested in opting into the Search Ads Beta, you can sign up on Apple’s developer website.

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