Tox Handbook is a medical app created by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine(AAEM) for physicians to use when dealing with toxicological emergencies. Surprisingly, there aren’t many physician centric toxicology management apps available. Another toxicology app we’ve reviewed favorably in the past is the American College of Emergency Physicians Antidote app.

Tox Handbook is the second medical app by AAEM, the first being their board review flashcard app that launched last year, called EM Flash Facts. While I liked the content in EM Flash Facts, I personally wasn’t a fan due to its clunky user interface and price.

AAEM’s Tox Handbook medical app opens with giving you three options — go directly to the actual drugs and the reference information, Toxidromes, or a link to call your poison center. The Toxidromes portion is nice because it goes through cholinergic, anticholinergic, and other common presentations that are important to differentiate in an acute care setting.

When you are in the “List of Index” section, you can search or scroll down to find various agents and then overall management of their overdose. The information itself is fantastic — content is easily digestible, and can be quickly read at the point of care. One of my favorite sections is the “Suggested Reading” portion, where key published literature and book chapters are suggested.

Unfortunately, the same issues that plagued AAEM’s Flash Facts cripple Tox Handbook. I’m puzzled as to why and how, in 2016, the User Interface of an app can be so bad. I could understand if the app was free or if someone coded the app in their free time (that might be the case?), or if it wasn’t from a well respected medical society. I can’t stress this enough — the content of Tox Handbook is great, but the overall design is not. Search could be more robust and include meta keywords, certain subsections are buried (e.g. Antibiotics), the swipe left to right isn’t a good way to go through the sections, and the text is pasted similar to reading a PDF and not a mobile app.

tox handbook

  • Price
    • $11.99
    • Great content
    • From a well respected medical society
    • Toxidrome section is a key and useful part of this app
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • Dislikes
    • User Interface for an app that costs $11.99 is not up to par.
  • Overall

    The Tox Handbook by AAEM is a toxicology app with great content, but the actual execution of placing the content into a friendly and easy to use mobile app was not done well. Instead, I would suggest using ACEP’s Toxicology Antidote app first.  The Antidote app is free and easier to use.  However, the Antidote app doesn’t contain as much detail as AAEM’s Tox Handbook — so if you want more details and pearls — only then would I consider Tox Handbook.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Price
  • Real World Applicability
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