The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently launched the app Joule for their physicians. Joule is an interesting medical app that provides physicians leadership resources, bedside clinical tools, and has a unique innovations aspect to it.

A brief overview of Joule’s features:

Joule Innovation Grants Program: A unique $150,000 funding program that helps physicians bring ideas to life and into the market for those who qualify. You need to download the app in order to apply for the grants — we’ll explain more later.

Dynamed Plus: A clinical tool that gives a constant status report on more than 3,200 medical studies and a systematic day-to-day surveillance on medicinal journals.

Infopratique: Any significant scientific paper will be sent through this French-only email service.

POEMS: Each day you will receive an email with the quick summaries on the latest and most relevant clinical studies.

Ask A Librarian: If you ever need help with search strategies or clinical resources, this will be your go-to search-assistant.

CMAJ: The Canadian Medical Association member’s flagship journal. This peer-reviewed general medical journal serves as a manual in case you need to go over certain guidelines.

Online Innovations Dialogue: This is a feature that will be coming soon to the Joule app.

If you have an idea that you want to get out to the world, you may qualify for Joule’s $150,000 grants program that brings your idea to the market. Four grants of $25,000 and one grant of $50,000 will be awarded. The projects must be from CMA members, and have some seed funding already. In order to apply for a Joule grant you must download the medical app and apply via video submission. This is the first example I can think of a grant submission that is through a video submission using an app!

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Google Play