Roche Diagnostics has developed a fun and interactive medical app for learning and interpreting arterial blood gases. The medical app by Roche is called Blood Gas Learn Your ABGs. The blood gas app contains quizzes and interactive mini games.

After you download Learn your ABGs, you are directed to its home page. The homepage has five categories: Play, Practice, Scoreboard, Course of Material, blood test gas knowledge have never been more accessible.

  • Play. The play section of the blood gas app is where you take quizzes. Questions are answered by selecting one of four multiple choice answers, and depending on what you press, you either get an x or a check. If you get a check, you proceed onto the next question, but upon getting an x, the following page will provide you with the right answer and why. Each round has five questions and your score will be the number of questions you get right after five. Each time you finish a round, you unlock a complimentary minigame.
  • Practice. The medical apps’s minigames are accessed through the Practice section in case you want to go over syringe or other blood gas procedures. Procedures like amply shaking a blood test sample and inserting a syringe at the correct angle are but a few of many of the interactive minigames. Some of the mini games require you to do weird maneuvers with your phone — using your iPhone accelerometer.
  • Scoreboard. This is where you see your high scores on each for the quizzes and minigames.
  • Course Material. This section is the main reason why the Learn your ABGs medical app is superior to conventional ways of learning the procedures and knowledge. You are provided with the necessary blood gas knowledge without having to carry anything. Each category in this section is filled with information and graphs.
  • Watch Video. The quizzes, mini games, and course material might be helpful, but the app’s Watch Video category wraps up the learning with the use of instructional videos. The videos go over the skills you learned from the other categories, only this time you see people doing the procedure.

The Blood Gas Learn your ABGs app is free to download and is a great resource for students learning how to perform blood gas draws.

Blood Gas - Learn your ABGs

Price: Free

iOS – iPhone, iPad) 
Android – Google Play