Pebble has been on a tear the last few months when it comes to expanding their health focus. They launched a new set of smartwatches that combine the best of Apple Watch and Fitbit, and made their activity tracking algorithm public — asking the industry to follow their standard.

Heather Shapiro, one of their data scientists at Pebble, has published a fantastic Medium post on conclusions from sleep from their Pebble Smartwatch. Shapiro’s post is a great read for those interested in taking health data and translating it into interesting results.

The data set Shapiro had to play with was enormous — hundreds of thousands of sleep nights. The data not only tracked sleep, but also the number of notifications users would get. One of the interesting findings was that “night owls” received more notifications of a social variety at night on their watch relative to those who are early risers.  The published Medium piece has a lot of other interesting findings as well.

It would be great if Pebble would publish their data set publicly or make it available to academic researchers — sleep researchers would have a field day with the data set.

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