This is a continuation in our series of MD Tech Tips — Technology tips to help physicians improve their craft and work more efficiently.

Recently I was giving a talk to a group of physicians and was displaying my iPhone on the screen for parts of the presentation.  I wanted to show how a particular medical app could be used during a clinical scenario to improve physician workflow.

Afterwards I was asked how I was mirroring my iPhone screen during the presentation. The ability to mirror your iPhone’s screen on your laptop display has been around for a while – services such as AirServer and AirParrot have enabled you to do this for years. The issue has been trying to do this when giving a presentation because those services require your iPhone and Mac to be on the same wireless network. They work great if you’re using home WiFi,  but if you’re using a guest network they often don’t work because of the public WiFi.

If you have OS X Yosemite or later, Apple has made it really easy to mirror your iPhone onto your laptop. The following simple steps are how you can mirror your iPhone to your laptop without having to be connected to WiFi.

How to Mirror your iPhone without having to use WiFi:

1) Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a lightning cable
2) Open the QuickTime player and go to “File” and “New Movie Recording”
3) Click the arrow next to the Camera and you’ll see your iPhone display in the drop down menu.  Select your iPhone and you’ll see your iPhone being mirrored. The below picture shows the drop down menu.

iphone screen share