The mFRAT (First responders Radiologic Assessment Triage) app was developed by the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) and the Uniformed Services University in order to help health providers and first responders triage casualties of radiation exposure.

Managing patients with radiation exposure is not something physicians and first responders are used to dealing with. The mFRAT medical app enables first responders and physicians to set up a virtual patient list and keep track of patient’s symptoms via the app and get real time assessments.

Using mFRAT:

  • The medical app delivers asssessments based on the symptoms you enter for an individual patient.
  • You can assess multiparameter triage dose or the probability of exposure without an assigned dosage.
  • Dose-specific messages are provided to address hospitalization estimations, likelihood of mortality, and give diagnostic information.
  • There’s real-time recording of physical dosimetry, prodromal signs and symptoms, and blood lymphocyte counts to make the diagnostic as user friendly as possible.

Benefits of mFRAT:

  • Expert consensus weighting factors provide you with multiparameter triage dose predictions.
  • Diagnosis of likelihood of hospitalization and mortality.
  • Minimal text entry of required fields.
  • Contains a copy of AFFRI’s “Emergency Radiation Medicine Response”.

The First-Reponders Radiological Assessment Triage App is an excellent resource for not only first responders, but for Emergency Physicians as well. Managing patients who have been exposed to radiation is an event you never hope to have to deal with, but this medical app could provide critical support in these types of events.


Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Google Play