We have featured Qardio several times before on iMedicalApps. The company first excited us with their portable bluetooth blood pressure cuff. One of our editors Dr. Satish Misra, a cardiologist, was impressed by the QardioArm in his review — he loved the overall design of not only the device, but their accompanying medical app. The blood pressure cuff even made it into his top smartphone connected blood pressure cuffs list.

Qardio is now stepping up their game with the release of QardioMD — a stand alone medical app that will access the QardioMD portal.

Physicians with access to the QardioMD portal can invite patients to share their blood pressure and heart rate information with them. The platform is HIPAA compliant and actually shares more than just blood pressure information. Qardio has also created the QardioBase and QardioCore devices. QardioBase is a weight scale and QardioCore is a 3 lead ECG. Information from these devices can be evaluated by physicians using the app as well.

Physicians can now view their patient’s blood pressure readings, ECG, and weights in real time by simply logging into the QardioMD app.

Qardio states their platofrm is HIPAA secure. They currently do not list the pricing of their offerings online, but physicians can request an invitation to their platform.

qardioMD app

QardioMD: iOS, Android