The Medi-Cal App, available from the California Department of Care Services, is designed to help current and prospective Medicaid patients use the medical benefits the state has put in place. It helps users find phone numbers and addresses for their county office, learn how to enroll in the health coverage program, and obtain preventive health information. The Medicaid app can also be used to set up reminders and get messages from the agency about Medi-Cal benefits.

A closer look at the iPhone/iPad app shows that it will help beneficiaries apply for insurance coverage by phone, online, and in person, renew their coverage, and learn about the specific features of Medi-Cal coverage, which includes medical care, dental care, mental health services, vision care, and treatment for alcohol and other drug-related problems. The latter includes emergency counseling, detoxification services, and long-term outpatient treatment. The healthcare services section of the app not only outlines the types of care offered but provides resources to help patients struggling with billing issues and out-of-pocket expense reimbursement.

Equally important for Medicaid patients is a section called “Healthier Me,” which discusses preventive healthcare, and is populated with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Topics include getting a physical exam, children’s vaccine schedules, the seasonal flu vaccine, checking a child’s hearing, blood pressure, teeth, getting screened for obesity, screening for lead poisoning, depression, and HIV testing.

Medi-Cal App

Price: Free

Apple: iTunes
Android: Unavailable