CoaguChek Link, available from Roche Diagnostics Inc, is a secure web-based solution to help manage patients who are “taking warfarin and who are being tested at the point of care, through a lab, or at home.” The company explains that the online service is also available to patients who test themselves and are being managed through CoaguChek Patient Services.

For healthcare providers, the online service, lets them manage each patient’s anticoagulation therapy by tracking prothrombin time/international normalized ratio. It allows clinicians to enroll new patients and use a dashboard to review a variety of parameters, giving practitioners the ability to monitor the next expected test date and patients’ compliance with the prescribed frequency of the testing regimen. And as the quick reference guide explains, the service “records limits for critical results for each patient. Results outside this range are flagged in CoaguChek Link. CoaguChek Patient Services will call the HCP with any patient test results that fall outside this range.”

The patient-accessible component of the service lets them report their PT/INT results online through the Patient Services section. The service also taps into a growing patient engagement movement, giving motivated patients the ability review their test result history and trends and review the amount of time their readings remain in the therapeutic range. Patients can order supplies through the web service as well.

Roche’s self-testing system, the CoaguChek XS System, is also available to patients interested in more direct involvement in their care. It consists of a small meter, a lancet device, and test strips, eliminating the need to travel to a lab and then wait for results. The meter takes about a minute to display test results and automatically stores 300 results. According to Roche, the self-testing meter is 97% accurate compared to a lab test.

CoaguChek Link