This is a continuation in our series of MD Tech Tips — Technology tips to help physicians improve their craft.

A slit lamp can be an essential tool when a patient presents with an eye problem. Ophthalmologists and optometrists are extremely comfortable using a slit lamp since they often use the device daily. For the Emergency Room physician or primary care physician who doesn’t use the slit lamp everyday, mastering the skill is more difficult.

There are great resources in the form of apps and YouTube videos that can help physicians improve their Slit Lamp skills.

The app I recommend to all of my medical students and residents is Eye Emergency Manual — a free medical app. Eye Emergency Manual is a great eye emergency triage app from New South Wales. Buried within the app is a great section on how to use the slit lamp. We reviewed Eye Emergency Manual a few years ago and also featured it in our Top 10 Emergency Medicine apps list.

In order to access the slit lamp section of the app you have to tap on Reference, then Ophthalmic Workup.

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slit lamp exam app

Youtube videos:

Academic Life in EM — the fantastic publication founded by Dr. Michelle Lin for Emergency Medicine physicians — has a great youtube video that is EM centric.

Dr. Timothy Root, a practicing ophthalmologist has a more detailed great slit lamp video. Introduction to the Slit Lamp Exam: