SleepHealth, a medical app designed to be used with Apple’s ResearchKit and the IBM WatsonHealth Cloud, is available from the American Sleep Apnea Association. ASAA is a patient led, non-profit organization that has partnered with researchers at the University of California San Diego to conduct the Sleep Health Study. Both the medical app and the research have been funded through contributions from a small all patient team of scientists, physicians, advocates, and technologists.

SleepHealth is powered by IBM’s Watson platform and enables Researchers to store massive amounts of data on IBM servers.

In addition to being a research tool, the ResearchKit medical app is “also a personalized tool that helps you gain greater insight into your sleep habits and sleep issues, learn how sleep is associated with other conditions you may have, and take charge of your health. You can keep track of your daily activity, sleep habits and daytime alertness in order to better understand how your sleep impacts your health, safety, productivity and well-being.”

Like other medical apps that link up with Apple’s ResearchKit, SleepHealth is able to measure certain activities through sensors in the iPhone, or Apple Watch, and through many other wearable devices that connect to HealthKit. Among the key features available in SleepHealth are the ability to record and track sleep habits and daytime alertness through morning and evening check-ins to monitor how the quality and quantity of your sleep affects your daily alertness, productivity, mood and health. It also provides users with reminders about daily and nightly activities that affect one’s sleep habits. And as you might expect, it also contains a “Nap Tracker” since the timing of daytime napping can affect one’s ability to sleep through the night.

Of course, ASAA is not the only organization to invest in sleep disorder medical apps. Johns Hopkins University, for instance, has a My Sleep 101 app, which was developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep.

We have compiled a list of all the current Apple ResearchKit studies underway.


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