Reference cards are a valuable pocket reference tool for medical professionals. Medical apps such as IM Essentials Flashcards medical app developed by The American College of Physicians (ACP), John Hopkins Psychiatry Guide app and the Oncology Pocketcards app are all designed to help provide quick information to health professionals, including medical residents, while on the go. The Airway Card medical app developed by Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Otolaryngology Department is geared towards pediatric otolaryngologists including residents, fellows and attending physicians. It provides information to help medical professionals make decisions about airway obstructions including tracheostomies.

The Mobile Airway Card medical app has a very simple layout which makes it easier for users to find what they need. One section includes Tracheotomy Tube Sizing where users can put in the type and size of the tube and get information about what the inner diameter, the outer diameter as well as the length of the tube should be. The Percentage of Obstruction section can determine the percentage of obstruction and the stenosis grade after the patient’s age, and the measured inner diameter of the tube is inputted. The Scope Sizing Guide, as well as the Stenosis Grading Scale Breakdown and the diagrams of normal airways, provide additional information that medical professionals can use to help best treat their patient. The diagrams are a great comparison resource tool.

The Mobile Airway Card medical app is great in its overall simplicity. It doesn’t cover all the topics you need, but what the medical app does cover it does well. The helpful pictures and guides within the medical app are all laid out making them easy to access. Users can use it as a quick reference while doing rounds or to better understand a lesson during residency. It could also be a useful tool during an emergency situation when information is needed quickly.

The Mobile Airway card is a definite must have for ENT residents and those rotating on the ENT service.

Price: Free

Apple: iTunes