The University of Michigan wants to make things easier for patients who are getting ready for scheduled surgery. Michigan recently released the MOTT Pre-Operative Diet App, which is a medical app that provides patients with useful rules for eating and drinking before having their surgical procedure at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

This is not the first medical app the University of Michigan has released to help address patient needs. Their medical app Breast Cancer Ally was designed to be a patient tracking as well as an educational tool for their breast cancer patients and The University of Michigan Medical School’s free mobile app provided students and faculty the ability to access their curriculum on the go. Their ophthalmology app Eyes Have It, previously made our list of best iPhone medical apps released.  They even have a health app to prevent alcohol intoxication for their students.

The University of Michigan’s preoperative diet app is a user-friendly medical app that helps patients understand what type of preoperative diet they should follow. Users enter the date and time of their procedure as well as the age of the patient. The preoperative diet app then provides details about what food and drink are okay if there are any diet restrictions and the date and time of their next diet change.  The medical app provides patients with an easy reminder of the diet plan they should follow before their procedure, and they can easily pull up the information as needed. Doctors could use it to provide specific pre-surgery diet instructions as well as an additional tool to help patients remember when to cut off eating or drinking before their actual procedure. Following the proper pre-surgery diet is critical, so the medical app can help to stress the importance.

MOTT Pre-Operative Diet app is for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, but it has potential as a general preoperative app in a variety of other hospital and clinical settings. Since the information entered is so straightforward it could be tweaked to fit just about any patient. The overall simplicity of the preoperative app is also beneficial.

The MOTT Pre-Operative Diet app is an excellent tool to help patients remember their specific preoperative surgery diet plans.

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