VLStreaming, by Airtraq, lets clinicians perform video laryngoscopy and intubation using the Airtraq device and any smartphone. The phone is inserted into a universal adapter, pictured below attached to a phone and the Airtraq intubation device. The VLStreaming software that’s loaded onto the phone allows users to view high definition images, perform video and audio recording, take snapshots, and zoom in and out. The medical app also provides 180 degree screen rotation for face to face intubations.

Airtraq provides a short video (below) that demonstrates the procedure of attaching the phone adaptor to a smartphone and inserting it into a live patient’s airway, with an inset in the video picturing what clinicians will actually see in a patient’s airway on the phone.

Phone adapter – How it works from Airtraq on Vimeo.

With the adaptor connected to a phone, the user needs to slide the phone into position so that the eye of the camera aligns with the slot in the adaptor. Once that’s done, the Airtraq intubation device is locked in place and is able to access the phone’s camera. The VLStreaming software then takes over. A few additional screen clicks lets clinicians see what’s coming through the scope.  This device and set up has potential for use in the educational setting and also in the practical setting of utilizing video laryngoscopy for intubation.

The VLStreaming medical app joins several others that can help clinicians in need of assistance in the field of intubation.  The difficult airway app, for instance, teaches providers how to manage complicated emergent airways, at the same time acting as a bedside reference for managing the procedure.  Make sure to check to also check out iMedicalApps list of the 10 best Emergency Medicine apps.

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