If you are an academic researcher or part of a non-profit organization that is interested in building a ResearchKit app, IBM Watson Health is providing free storage and utilization of their Watson Health platform.

IBM Watson Health is providing up to 1 terabyte of data storage for up to 3 years for free. In order to participate your ResearchKit study needs to already be IRB approved.

Several academic centers and many medical societies have launched ResearchKit apps within the past year. If you want to see how academic hospitals are utilizing ResearchKit in innovative ways, we have a list of all the ResearchKit apps currently available.

A recent ResearchKit study that launched, called Sleep Health, is making use of IBM’s data storage option. Sleep Health was produced by the American Sleep Apnea Association in partnership with researchers at the University of California San Diego.

The free trial offer is tremendous for academic researchers as one of the most costly items when recruiting study participants and collecting their data is the actual storage of patient data in a secure and HIPAA complaint fashion. This could open the door to researchers who once thought they didn’t have the adequate funds to develop a ResearchKit app.

There are key things to know from a cost perspective. The data storage is limited to 1 terabyte and there is a limit to 3 years if you are utilizing the free offering. While you have access to Watson Analytics — this enables you to get key insights into the data you’re collecting — this offering is only available at an additional price.

Overall, IBM Watson Health for ResearchKit is a great option for academic researchers to consider due to the limited nature of grant funding. More information can be found on IBM’s website.

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