The CDC has a collection of great medical apps available for physicians and even some for patients.

The CDC’s medical apps range from their STD Tx Guide app to WISQARS Mobile — a public morbidity and mortality app.

They have now updated their popular Every Dose, Every Day app. The Every Dose, Every Day app is a free app that is focused on patients who have HIV. The medical app helps HIV patients set up medication reminders, keep track of appointments, track their lab results, and remember when to get refills.

cdc every dose hiv medication reminder

The medical app also provides additional motivation and support functions to help improve medication adherence.

The CDC just pushed out a major update of the medical app recently: the HIV reminder app is now finally upgraded to iOS 9, much faster than before, and has a host of bug fixes.

The CDC’s Every Dose, Ever Day app is definitely a medical app you should consider recommending to patients who have HIV.

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