WakeMed Health and Hospitals, located in Raleigh, NC, recently launched its WakeMed RapidConnect service, a medical app built for the health system’s clinicians, employees, and referring providers, that lets them communicate more quickly and securely. Powered by MDInterconnect, RapidConnect is described as “a communication app uniting care team members quickly and securely. By integrating call schedules, personal preferences and rules based workflows, access to physicians and services is streamlined for everyone.” MDInterconnect claims the secure cloud-based mobile and web application improves patient care and efficiency while reducing costs.

RapidConnect lets users search for physicians by name, practice, and specialty. It can also identify in-network providers and clinical services. Other features include quick text and secure text messaging, call direct, pager interaction, message forwarding, active message notification, and password protection on the securing texting system—an important plus for anyone sending protected health information across cyberspace. (Other communication platforms we have written about before include FaceTime and Medigram.)

MDInterconnect has clearly done its homework while designing this system and understands the inner workings of the healthcare system better than many other vendors. For instance, if you make a phone call through the system, you can add a third party to the call, such as bed management, or record the call. RapidConnect even offers a way to facilitate sending a patient directly to a facility, giving clinicians the ability to inform the ED, triage, or ob/gyn unit to let them know the patient is coming. The system also helps you know who is on call, giving you the ability to search call schedules and connect directly to the person on call. There is also a “quick cover” function that lets clinicians cover for each other for a specified period of time—without the need to change the call schedule.

WakeMed RapidConnect

WakeMed RapidConnect

Price: Free

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Android: Google Play