Therapy Gaming is physical therapy medical app aimed at enabling health provides the ability to incorporate Wii Fit or Xbox Kinect into their patient care physical therapy exercises.  It’s another example of a medical app that utilizing gamification in the healthcare setting.

Video Review

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Evidence and literature used to support the medical app

The Therapy Gaming medical app claims to be researched and designed by physical therapists — unfortunately — they do not list information about themselves and do not list reference information.

Healthcare providers that would benefit from this app

Physical therapists

Other recent physical therapy exercises medical apps reviewed

Frozen Shoulder, Low Back pain, Hip and Thigh pain

Therapy Gaming

  • Price
    • Free on iTunes; Unavailable on Android
    • Easy to navigate
    • Easy to use search option
    • Free
  • Dislikes
    • Low resolution videos that cannot be enlarged
    • Not all exercises have video demonstration
    • Unavailable on android
    • No information about the creators of the app or medical reference data
  • Overall

    Great concept and incorporates a fun activity like gaming into rehab exercises which can otherwise become boring and repetitive. The Therapy Gaming medical app has good detailed information and a decent search function. However, we would have liked to have seen high resolution videos and the ability to at least make videos fullscreen.  More concerning, the app claims to be made by physical therapists but doesn’t list their names or profiles.  If the medical app remains free it is certainly worth downloading and checking out.  Future iterations of this physical therapy app should include information about the creators and how the information was sourced. 

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Price
  • Real World Applicability
  • Device Used For Review

    iPad mini with retina display

  • Available for DownloadiPhoneiPad