There are now more than 15 Apple ResearchKit apps available for patients to download.  Apple just released a great video highlighting how 3 of these ResearchKit studies are not only changing how research is collected, but changing how patients use their iPhones. The following are the medical apps mentioned in the study:

Duke’s Autism & Beyond: Duke’s Autism & Beyond ResearchKit app aims to test how video technology can be used to analyze and screen a child’s emotions and behaviors. The video Apple has included shows how the front facing camera of the iPhone is utilized to detect emotional reactions and plug them into algorithms.

autism researchkit

mPower Parkinson Disease Research Study: The Parkinson Disease app was one of the first ResearchKit apps and utilizes the voice recorder on the iPhone and also tests hand dexterity within the app.

EpiWatch: EpiWatch was developed by neurologists at Johns Hopkins and was one of the first medical apps to capture data for research using the Apple Watch. The purpose of the study is to see if seizures can be detected using the Apple Watch and wearable technology.

Apple Video: