OhioHealth, a group of not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations in central Ohio, has a medical app called OhioHealth Mobile MyChart, which lets patients manage their health information in a variety of practical ways. It allows them to request medical appointments, gain access to test results, communicate securely to their physician, see their bills online and pay them there, request prescriptions, and update their health and fitness data through Apple’s Health App.

In addition, the medical app integrates with the EPIC electronic medical record system, which means patients can upload health metrics to their EHR and clinicians can take these data into account at the point of care. You can see from the screenshots for the OhioHealth app and other hospital system apps that the ability to integrate health metrics is included.

This is tremendous as physicians have the ability to look at blood pressure cuff data remotely and make changes if they choose to. This functionality also means patients can review a record of their hospital, ER, outpatient, and urgent care visits, and read discharge and follow-up instructions—a major advantage for patients who are usually too anxious to comprehend this information during the actual clinical encounter.

The mobile service offered by OhioHealth is available to any active patient that is part of its network and is available free of charge by obtaining an activation code. Patients who have received care at most OhioHealth hospitals, outpatient centers, physician offices, and urgent care centers probably have a My Chart account already, but those who don’t can obtain the code from medical receptionists or online at OhioHealth MyChart.

OhioHealth joins a growing number of health systems that are making Epic MyCharts available to patients online, including Samaritan Health Services in Oregon, Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati, and University of Rochester Medicine In Rochester. NY. Now that Epic Systems has teamed up with Apple to access patient data from HealthKit, clinicians can tap into a valuable source of personal health data that the public collects as they go about their everyday routine. Information like this is impossible to collect in a medical office or ER visit.

OhioHealth Mobile
By OhioHealth

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
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