Duke continues to add to their medical app profile with the recent addition of a mentorship app. They already have a CPR training app and an Autism ResearchKit app. While there are general mentorship apps in the App Store, this is the first one to be created by a large medical center.

In order to have a successful academic career, mentorship is a critical component. You need to have regular meetings with your mentors and establish close relationship with them to make sure you’re taking the right steps when it comes to research opportunities.

MentorDuke enables faculty to track mentoring interactions. The app is designed for mentees and mentors. The mentorship app enables you to set overall goals and track their progress. You can also track information in a granular method — such as meetings, manuscripts, and grant reviews. Within the app you can switch your role between “mentor” and “mentee”.

The development of the app was supported by grant funding and several departments within the Duke community. In order to use the app you need a Duke user ID. Currently the mentorship app is only available for iOS and not on the Google Play Android store.

Price: Free

MentorDuke app: iTunes, iPhone and iPad Link

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