Stay in the Blue is a health app from the University of Michigan with the goal of keeping your blood alcohol content at 0.06 or below. The Michigan app refers to this zone as “Staying in the Blue”. The Stay in the Blue app feels 0.06 or below blood alcohol content (BAC) helps students keep their drinking at lower risk levels.

The Stay in the Blue health app is packed full of interesting features — the main one being the blood alcohol content calculator. The BAC calculator uses your gender and weight, combined with the type of alcoholic drink you are consuming, to estimate your blood alcohol level. Your blood alcohol level changes over time as your body processes the alcohol in your system and the Stay in the Blue app emphasizes this in the app by keeping track of this.

The Stay in the Blue app gives you real time blood alcohol levels but emphasizes that these are estimations, and not absolute. You would obviously need a blood draw or breathalyzer to get exact amounts.

There are other key features included in the health app:

– Call a Cab: Using your GPS location the Stay in the Blue app will call a cab (gives you an option to Uber as well)
– Detailed tracking — you can keep track of “sessions”. For example, you can trend how often you have been able to keep yourself “In the Blue”.
– Resources: A list of key resources for U of M students.
– Events: A list of calendar events happening at U of M.

The app has received several positive reviews in the iTunes store and Michigan has been pushing it hard at their students — even recruiting Desmond Howard to pitch the app:

Price: Free
iTunes Link: iPhone, iPad
Android Link

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