Several academic centers have been releasing medical apps over the past year. Emory has released several medical apps for physicians, such as their iChoose Kidney app for nephrologists, Surgical Anatomy app for surgeons, and more. Michigan’s medical school even has an educational medical app for their entire curriculum. Several academic hospitals are utilizing medical apps for large clinical studies and have created Apple ResearchKit apps to enroll study subjects. The Department of Urology at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) continues in the trend of academic institutions creating medical apps and has now released the Kegal Nation App.

The Kegel Nation App was designed by the Urology faculty and allows users to measure their Kegel exercises. The Kegel nation app is designed to help with urinary incontinence. The medical app is geared towards men and women and allows users to measure how much time they spend contracting and relaxing their pelvic muscles while completing their Kegel exercises.

The medical app provides several tracking options that patients can use depending on their specific medical situation. They include urinary urgency episodes, voluntary urination events, urinary incontinence events or wetting and the number of urinary pads used. The convenient toggle on and off function makes it easy for patients to change their tracking options as needed.

The tracking results on the Kegel Nation App not only help patients to see their results on a daily basis but, more importantly, provides tracking of urinary function during treatment. The kegel exercises app can assist the physician as well as the patient with determining whether the current treatment plan is working or if the plan needs to be changed. The kegel exercises app shows how the patient responds to changes in medication or daily habits. The helpful statistic section allows users to graph their Kegel exercise as well as their urinary function so trends can be found. The graphing feature is an excellent tool for patients to track their own health as well as to share information with their doctor.

The UCSF faculty developed this Kegel exercises medical app and plan to use it for research as well. A clinical trial using Kegel Nation at UCSF will begin in 2016 in order to see how useful this app can be for patients. In the interim, the Kegel nation app is ready to be utilized by patients and Urologists everywhere should consider prescribing it to patients.

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Kegel Nation

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