One of my favorite health apps for the past year has been Pedometer++. It’s a free pedometer health app that has robust support and has received multiple updates that keep increasing its functionality. I love the simplicity of this health app. It simply measures your step count and how many flights of stairs you have climbed — all represented in a simple bar graph. No menus to click through, no add on features to distract you.  I recommend this health app to patients frequently, even helping them download the app at bedside.

Recently Pedometer++ tackled an issue for those who use their iPhone and Apple Watch to count steps. The Apple Watch and iPhone have their own respective motion sensors.  For those who don’t wear their Apple Watch at all times, how do you keep the number of steps walked in sync? A recent update from Pedometer++ now syncs the number of steps from your Apple Watch to your iPhone, and vice versa. The following screenshot shows how to turn this feature on.

pedometer plus app count steps

While there are other health apps that offer this functionality as well, I’ve found Pedometer++ to be the easiest to use, and it’s free.

We recently reviewed a pedometer app, Accupendo, that was shown in a research study to increase the step count of study participants.  If you want a more complex pedometer app Accupendo would be a good one to look at.

iMedicalApps has also put together a list of all the Apple Watch Medical apps available for physicians.

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