The AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Guidelines app from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) gives clinicians access to the federally approved HIV/AIDS practice guidelines, which contain recommendations by expert panels on how to manage adults, adolescents, and pediatric patients as well as advice on how to treat perinatal HIV infection. The medical app also gives practitioners access to recommendations on HIV-related opportunistic infections in adults, teens, and children.

In addition to the 6 federal guidelines currently available, the HIV guidelines medical app delivers alert notifications for updated content and new guideline releases. You can also bookmark frequently visited sections of the guidelines through the medical app, create customized notes for any sections that are important to your individual practice, search for relevant data within specific guidelines, and share guidelines and notes through social media, email, and texting. In general, the medical app is a great way to implement evidence based practice.

Like many medical apps, the NLM program automatically refreshes content when your mobile device is connected to Wi-FI or a cellular network, but it also allows users to access the guidelines when they don’t have Internet access. You can view and search the guidelines offline and the medical app will check for and upload any updates when you’re online and connected again. HIV/AIDS guidelines has been configured so that it displays content correctly on both the iPhone and iPad and a version is also available for Android devices. For clinicians who prefer to download the HIV/AIDS guidelines from the NIH web site rather than access them through a mobile app, they can be retrieved from the Clinical Guidelines Portal at the NIH website.

NIH also provides several additional resources on the site, including patient education materials and slide sets, laboratory testing guidelines, recommendations for hormonal contraception, and occupational post-exposure prophylaxis guidelines.

The NLM app joins a long list of valuable mobile resources on the disease, including Clinical Care Options in Practice, a joint venture with the University of South Florida that offers clinicians answers to questions on HIV/AIDS and oncology.  We have reviewed other HIV apps and platforms on iMedicalApps as well.

AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Guidelines
By National Library of Medicine

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Google Play