Emory University has been active in medical app development and over the last few years has produced some great medical and health apps. The following is a compilation of their medical and health apps. Most of their apps are aimed at medical professionals, but some are patient centered as well.

iChoose Kidney

iChoose Kidney is a decision support tool aimed at nephrologists, primary care physicians, and nurse educators who care for ESRD patients. The goal of this nephrology app is to give risk prediction models of patient mortality on dialysis versus transplant. Instead of patients reflexively choosing dialysis, the medical app helps patients and health care providers understand how a transplant could significantly change mortality for the better. In order to derive the mortality models, various unique patient information is inputted into the iChoose Kidney app.  The medical calculator then gives mortality results based on one year and three year risk summaries, as shown in the following screenshot:

ichoose kidney transplant app

iChoose Kidney promotes shared patient physician decision making and is a great evidence based practice tool. For more information about this nephrology app read our prior review of iChoose Kidney.

Price: Free
iPhone, iPad
Android: Unfortunately not available, but use the online link below instead
Emory’s online iChoose Kidney calculator