Some of my favorite features of Mac OS X are how well it integrates with my iOS devices. I can respond to iMessages directly on my Mac and even answer phone calls and have a conversation using my Mac’s microphone.  But all these notifications and alerts can be a distraction when you try to use your Mac to deliver a presentation.

The easiest fix is to not use your personal computer to give medical presentations. But we’ve all been in situations where we have our Keynote or PDF slides on Dropbox and the place you’re giving the presentation is having issues with their own hardware or you want the ability to use your iPhone as a mobile clicker.

Recently I’ve seen a few medical presentations get interrupted because of notifications that pop up. There are two quick ways you can turn off notifications temporarily.

One is to click the notification center icon in the menu bar. In the below picture, it’s the icon all the way to the right.

menu bar

Once you click that icon, the notifications menu slides out from the right, and you can click on the “Do Not Disturb” slider.  That will turn off notifications for 24 hours, which is particularly useful since you don’t have to remember to turn it back on manually.

notifications turn off

The other method is to go to your System Preferences, and click on the notifications icon there. In the below screen shot you can see there is an option for “Do Not Disturb” to be turned on when you are mirroring to TVs and projectors. It’s good practice to have this checked in general.

do not disturb notifications

When I give a presentation I have the Do Not Disturb section checked in the System Preferences and I also turn off notifications for 24 hours (first method I showed).

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