One of the categories of mobile textbooks that often get ignored are iBooks. While several traditional publishers have iBooks, the App Store also has many iBooks made by physicians.  A few years ago we wrote about how physicians can create their own medical iBooks using iBooks Author. Unfortunately, the process of finding medical iBooks is frustrating. The iBooks store is still in dire need of a medical category.

In order to access the iBooks catalog you need either an iPad or a Mac. You can’t access the books on a PC or an Android device.

There are several notable medical ultrasound iBooks that are worth downloading and checking out. Some of them cost just a few dollars, but the following are the free ultrasound iBooks you should consider downloading:

Free medical ultrasound iBooks:

Rapid Ultrasound: Basics & RUSH Exam
Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1
Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 2
Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia
The ICU Ultrasound Pocket Book
Handheld Cardiac Ultrasound: Case Series
Introduction to Cardiac Ultrasound
Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound

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We have also compiled a list of ultrasound apps for iPhone and Android that are worth checking out.

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