One of the most exciting health features to come to the iPhone is Night Shift mode. Night shift mode will be released with the next iOS update, iOS 9.3.  Night Shift mode will use your clock and location data to determine when it’s sunset in your particular location. It will then automatically change the colors on your display to the warmer end of the spectrum.

Night Shift mode is a big deal because it’s based on actual research data. Recently, Researchers had even gone as far as to suggest wearing orange tinted glasses for better sleep hygiene when using your iPhone and iPad at night. Night Shift mode removes the need for such drastic measures by presenting warmer colors on your screen at night. These colors give an orange hue to the screen.

Exposure to short wavelength light in the evening prevents sleep and suppresses a key hormone for sleep, melatonin. Short wavelength light is blue enriched light (think white LCD screens), while long wavelength lights are the warmer colors: orange and red.

wavelength light sleep

I’d love to see a study done of iPhone users who use Night Shift mode versus those who do not. You could use sleep apps to track sleep hygiene to see how much of an impact this new mode actually has.

nightshift mode iOS 9.3 feature