The Indego powered lower limb exoskeleton allows patients with impaired mobility to walk and participate in gait training. The 26 pound prosthesis, which has no exposed cables or an upper body apparatus and requires no backpack mounted components, can be used in the clinic to train spinal cord injury patients to walk properly and at home to assist in everyday activities. Patients wear the powered orthosis around their waist and legs, allowing them to stand and walk. According to the manufacturer, “It comes in interchangeable sizes and can accommodate people from 5′ 1” to 6′ 3”tall and up to 250 lbs in weight.”

The Parker HMC Indego mobile application allows users to gain wireless Bluetooth connectivity to the exoskeleton, which in turn lets patients control the device’s configuration and enables session monitoring. The app provides access to standing, walking, and sitting settings, allows users to quickly configure the device for more than one user and a variety of use cases. It also lets patients track session duration, walking duration, and session steps in real time, and to review and export session logs. Recently we’ve seen several device companies releasing apps that pair with and interact with their hardware.

Parker HMC has also been heavily involved in conducting clinical research to evaluate the Indego prosthetic device. A recent paper published in Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, for instance, looked at mobility outcomes of 16 patients with spinal cord injury who used the device. After 5 training sessions conducted at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, “average walking speed was 0.22 m/s for persons with C5-6 motor complete tetraphegia, 0.26 m/s for T1-8 motor complete paraplegia, and 0.45 m/s for T9-L1 paraplegia. Distances covered in 6 minutes averaged 64 meters for those with C5-6, 74 meters for T1-8, and 121 meters for T9-L1. Additionally, all participants were able to walk on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.”

Unfortunately, Indego does not have an Android app for their exoskeleton in the Google Play store.

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