Harvard Health Info is a medical app that’s part of a pilot program between GenieMDHarvard Medical School, IBM, and Anthem Blue Cross. The medical app offers patients a symptom checker, medical reminder, ability to ask IBM’s Watson health questions, and more.

The GenieMD mobile platform includes several pillars for patients to tap into: A care team, personal health records (PHRs), medication adherence, vital sign tracking by means of smart devices, the IBM Watson computing engine to answer common health questions, and the aforementioned symptom checker. The care team component fosters care coordination by allowing family and health professionals to manage a patient’s medical needs.

The GenieMD web site further explains that “In addition to having access to the care recipient’s health information, a care recipient or caretaker can also send requests to other team members as well as being able to more easily communicate with a care team by using the moments option.”

The PHRs let patients keep track of their medications, allergies, disorders, family history, vital signs, and exercise. In-depth educational materials are provided through licensed content from Up-To-Date, the well-respected clinical decision support tool used by many clinicians. With access to the IBM computer, patients can ask their smartphone questions and get answers to questions like “What are the symptoms of a stroke?”

The medication adherence tool sends reminders to patients to take their meds and to refill their prescriptions. It also warns them about drug interactions and includes a drug discount card. Finally, the Harvard Health Info app is connected to Apple HealthKit — and syncs the following health metrics: blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, weight, temperature and height.

At this time, in order to use this pilot medical app you need an access code.

Harvard Health Info
By GenieMD, LLC

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Google Play