Nuance just announced the launch of Dragon Medical One. They are taking their medical dictation to the cloud and have integrated it with several electronic health records — the key ones being EPIC and Cerner. While you could always use Dragon medical dictation on EPIC and other Electronic Health Records, you are no longer tethered to a particular desktop at work and can perform dictation on mobile devices or other computers.

This is a long time coming.  Two years ago I wrote how medical dictation wasn’t being utilized effectively in medicine and how medical dictation had the opportunity to significantly improve clinical workflows. Nuance’s announcement of Dragon Medical One seems to be a step in that direction.

The biggest thing that Dragon Medical One will allow is for physicians to actually perform real time dictation on their mobile devices and other computers without having to set up complicated profile and speech training. You no longer need your dragon dictation microphone and to be tethered to a desktop station that has your profile saved.  You can open up Epic’s Haiku and Canto and use voice to text dictation within those apps if your hospital has these features enabled.

We’re looking forward to getting a demo of the Dragon Medical One platform from Nuance to review on iMedicalApps.

Further information on Dragon Medical One from Nuance can be found in this PDF on their website.