The New Zealand Society of Endodontics has made the Knocked Out medical app available to the general public to cope with a variety of dental emergencies, including a knocked out tooth, a broken tooth, and a head injury. This unique mobile tool contains practical advice on both adult/permanent teeth and baby teeth that have been dislodged.

The section of an adult knocked out tooth, for example, advises users to avoid storing the tooth in water or ice or to allow it to dry but instead says “The sooner a tooth is put back into its socket, the better its chance of long term survival.” It then goes on to provide step by step instructions, including visuals, to walk a person through the procedure. Patients with broken teeth, on the other hand, are advised to take the tooth and any fragments to the dentist “at your earliest convenience.”

The section of head injury recommends that the injured person check for signs and symptoms that necessitate calling 911, including blurred or double vision, altered consciousness, and many of the other basics that ER personnel would be familiar with, but the public may not be.

Other dental emergency apps worth considering include AcciDent and Dental Trauma, both of which provide much better graphics than Knocked Out and touch on a wider variety of traumatic injuries. The list includes enamel cracks, root fractures, and crown fractures with and without pulp involvement. Tools like these not only offer immediate help to patients in an emergency, but studies have demonstrated that visual and audio education on dental trauma management is effective for educating the general public and dental professionals. The Knocked Out medical app is definitely one of the best dental apps currently available to download.

Knocked Out
By Jeffrey Dick

Price: Free

iOS: iTunes
Android: Google Play