There are a number of medical calculator apps currently circulating the market. Emory University has the iChoose Kidney app which is a medical calculator that helps clinicians perform shared decision making with patients to decide whether a kidney transplant or dialysis is the correct treatment for end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The University of Wisconsin released GadCalc, which is a medical app designed to help physicians and MRI technicians calculate MRI contrast agent doses. TouchRounds has just released the Chem 7 Medical Calculator app which calculates the commonly used laboratory panel, Chem 7, known as the chemistry panel or basic metabolic panel.

The Chem 7 medical app has an innovative interface that we haven’t seen before. Once Chem 7 is downloaded, it opens up directly to the medical calculator. Users can enter information such as age, sex, nationality, weight and height. The program provides your body max index (BMI) and body surface area (BSI). Users can quickly and easily switch between US and SI Units. Once all needed data is entered, users then have the ability to calculate the following:

  • Anion Gap
  • Albumin-Adjusted Anion Gap
  • Calcium adjusted for hypoalbuminemia
  • Sodium corrected for pseudohypoalbuminemia
  • Free water deficit
  • BUN to creatinine ratio
  • CKD-EPI eGFR calculation
  • Delta/Delta
  • Calcium phosphate product
  • Serum osmolarity

As you’re inputting data, the Chem 7 is automatically calculating equations for you — really cool.

In our testing, the medical calculator app is easy to use, and the interactive display responds quickly to inputted data. This simple medical calculator would be great to use when rounding in the morning and reviewing a patient’s labs. Unlike other medical calculator apps that have busy user interfaces, Chem 7’s user interface is extremely simple and clean. As of right now the medical calculator is free and definitely worth a download if it continues to remain free due to its innovative interface. In the past few years we haven’t seen a medical calculator app with such a unique user interface.

Chem 7 - Medical Calculator

Chem 7 – Medical Calculator
By TouchRounds, Inc.

Price: Free

(iOS): iTunes
Android: Unavailable