The World Health Organization (WHO) is adding to it’s collection of medical apps with the release of a nutritional guidelines app. They recently released the WHO e-Pocketbook of Hospital Care for Children, which was favorably reviewed by our editorial team.

The WHO’s newest medical app, eLENAmobile, provides users with the World Health Organization’s nutritional guidelines and was designed to aid countries in starting or improving their nutritional intervention guidelines and policies. Users have direct mobile access to content from the WHO e-library of Evidence for Nutrition Action (eLENA). The library provides helpful information such as the latest nutritional guidelines, as well as recommendations.

The nutrition app is organized into six different sections. The recently added section shows the newest content that has been added or updated in the system. The health conditions section has a list of medical conditions including obesity and respiratory conditions. Click on the individual illnesses and obtain nutritional guidelines and recommendations. The life course section breaks down information according to particular milestones we reach in life. Options include infants, reproductive age, pregnancy and older adults. This is a great section to find out the nutritional guidelines you should be following if you are pregnant or to understand better nutrition guidelines for the pediatric population.

The nutrients section covers common nutrients that we should consume, provides a short description of them and even details their nutritional importance. The intervention type section lists ways to improve and encourage better nutritional habits. The final section, the A-Z listing lists all of the nutritional information found in the medical app in alphabetical order. Very convenient if you want to find all of the information on a particular subject. For example, if you want to read everything about iron nutrition or vitamin C.

An important feature of the eLENAmobile nutrition app is that you can access it even without an Internet connection. This is a big deal for medical providers in areas with limited or no dependable Internet connection, which is common in many underserved countries. Obviously for those doing healthcare work abroad, that feature alone makes this nutrition app worth downloading.

WHO ELENAmobile app
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