UpToDate has come a long way from their iOS app. We reviewed the UpToDate app several years ago when it was released.

They have now updated one of the most popular online medical references for physicians with a key functionality — iPad Multitasking.

With iPad MultiTasking enabled, you can keep the UpToDate app open and also use other applications, such as Safari or your Mail app. This is especially useful if you’re working on a presentation in Keynote and need to look something up quickly. Here’s where I mention that UpToDate shouldn’t be anywhere close to your main resource for a presentation — but I find their articles often times cite key literature reviews that are worth reviewing.

The below pictures show how UpToDate looks with iPad Multitasking support:

UpToDate medical app 2

UpToDate medical apps 3

UpToDate medical app 4

Remember that you can use your institutional’s subscription for using the iPad, iPhone, and Android apps of UpToDate for free. You medical institution needs to have UpToDate Anywhere enabled. There are also other alternatives to consider, we named 3 cheaper UpToDate alternatives last year.