Stanford has gotten into 3D medical app animation with one of their latest apps, Child Heart Surgery. Child Heart Surgery is a 3-D interactive pediatric cardiology app. This cardiology centric medical app also takes you through the repair techniques in detail and is a great app for physicians to use with patients. The Stanford Child Heart Surgery app even lets you do simulations of the surgery.

The Child Heart Surgery app has 3 interactive sections, circulatory system, impaired heart and surgical repair. The circulatory system section provides you with a little background information about how the heart and circulatory system work.  You can move the images around and rotate the heart to get an idea of the veins and arteries that run through the circulatory system.  The medical app details the responsibilities of the heart and helps you to understand the blood flow process. There is an animated picture that simulates the heart pumping and gives a description of the different parts of the heart and their purpose in the body.

The next section details an impaired heart.  Stanford’s app explains what occurs during tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia and what the impaired heart looks like compared to a normal heart. Each picture is followed by a detailed explanation of what is going on and why. We get a chance to see exactly how the condition affects the heart. The last section shows the actual surgical repair. Users are in a virtual operating room and get a chance to actually perform the surgery. The app provides instruction on what you should do during the virtual surgery and why. The final picture details your successful surgery and what the repaired heart looks like.

The Child Heart Surgery app is tremendously useful for parents who need to gain a better understanding of their child’s heart condition — this medical app is a must download for them and it’s free. The cardiology app can also be used by physicians as a teaching tool when they are explaining various surgical procedures. The great thing about the Child Heart Surgery app is that it can be utilized at a variety of hospitals for patient education — not just Stanford.

Recently we wrote about the first Google Cardiology surgery virtual reality app — Bard VR. The Google Cardboard medical app lets you step into a virtual operating room and see procedures being done. In general, 3-D medical animation apps are proliferating. We have already seen this in medical apps such as AstraZeneca’s gout app and other free medical  apps that teach surgical techniques inside the human body.

Child Heart Surgery
By Stanford Children’s Health

Price: Free

iPhone, iPad: iTunes
Android : Unavailable