There are now more than 15 Apple ResearchKit apps, ranging from Stanford’s MyHeart Counts app to Yale’s ResearchKit app for pregnant women.

While these ResearchKit apps are enrolling huge numbers of participants, Stanford’s study has more than 40,000 subjects enrolled alone — they are also doing more than just collecting data.

A good example is Mount Sinai’s Asthma Health app. The Asthma ResearchKit app enables participants to track peak flows, daily usage of inhalers, Emergency Department visits, and several other metrics.

The Asthma Health app has continued to add various features to their app to help patient’s manage their Asthma and communicate their health with their physicians as well.

Below is part of an email that Asthma Health is sending participants that shows the various iterations made:

A new version of the app was just released, with several new features we think you’ll appreciate:

We added a News Feed, to share interesting links to asthma research, health tips, and other news related to asthma.

Medication reminders have become much more customizable
You can now receive a link to all of the data that you entered into the app, in a convenient spreadsheet format. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve used the app, now is a great time to start again!

As a reminder, we added the new Doctor Dashboard feature this summer. The Doctor Dashboard includes a concise summary of your asthma symptoms over time, organized in a way that can be easily shared with your doctor. This helps transform the data you share with us into a tool that you and your doctor can use, to help guide medical decisions and provide you with better care.

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