There are several OB/GYN medical apps available for iOS and Android. Many are specific to patients, such as contraction timing apps or other pregnancy apps. One of our favorite OB/GYN apps is the ASCCP cervical cancer screen app.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) Victorian Branch has released a pocket reference medical app full of helpful features geared towards nurses and midwives. The ANMF app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. You must have an ANMF membership to use the medical app.

The medical app features a shift planner, dosage calculator, and news and events section. The shift planner allows users to customize their shift as well as configure special notification reminders. Users also get information about public holidays and have direct access to ANMF special events.

Perhaps one of the things that sets the Nursing and Midwifery Federation app apart from other scheduling medical apps is the dosage calculator. The built in calculator serves as a tool for Victorian nurses and midwives. Users can enter dosage amounts for oral and IV/IM/SC medications as well as infusion pump rates and drip gravity feeds.

Another notable section is the Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) Notification system. Nurses and midwives can document any incidents that occur while they are working.  The medical app is not designed to replace other required workplace reporting procedures that are already in place, but it is intended to allow users to report incidents where they are abused, threatened or assaulted.

Some of the highlight features of the Nursing and Midwifery Federation medical app are the shift calendar and the dosage calendar.  It’s nice to see medical society’s making apps for their members — even IBM’s Watson is getting into the OBGYN field by offering nutritional advice.

ANMF Diary App
By ANMF (Vic Branch)

Price: Free to download

iPhone, iPad: iTunes
Android: Unavailable