Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect app, their continuous glucose monitoring app is getting rave reviews, while their bluetooth connected pacemaker app added on to their growing list of medtronic’s medical apps. Now Medtronic has released a medical app called Assess Spasticity to help treat spasticity. The Assess Spasticity app is geared towards doctors who are treating patients who have severe spasticity and their current treatment methods such as medication, and physical therapy are not relieving the patient’s symptoms. Doctors can use the information gathered from the medical app to determine if the patient should be referred for advanced spasticity treatment.

Patients will take an IBT Therapy assessment survey through the medical app and obtain an eligibility score. Depending on their score the Assess Spasticity app will determine whether they are a candidate for Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy (IBT) and should be referred to a specialist. The survey has a total of nine questions for doctors to ask their patients concerning their spasticity symptoms.

The first question asks patients to choose what condition is causing their severe spasticity. Choices include multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, a traumatic brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injury. Once a condition is chosen the Assess Spasticity app provides the doctor with a tip about possible things to discuss with the patient. The next few questions mainly deal with the symptoms the patient is experiencing as well as how it affects their normal daily activities. There is also a question that asks about any treatments that the patient has undergone for their condition such as medication or therapy and what the outcome of the treatments was.

Depending on the patient’s answers to the first seven questions, the medical app may deem they do not meet the criteria to be a candidate for the ITB Therapy and might not need to see a specialist. However if it is determined that they would be a good candidate, then they get a chance to answer two more questions concerning their treatment goals as well as any concerns that they would like to share with the specialist. The final screen also tells the doctor to refer the patient to the ITB Screening Test. The Medtronic baclofen pump delivers a drug called Lioresal Intrathecal into the body that is used to help manage severe spasticity. An implanted pump and a catheter are placed under the patient’s skin during surgery.

The assessment responses are automatically transferred to the patient referral form, and all the doctor has to do is add their contact information. A section of the medical app is titled Patient Resource Links and it contains links to information about the ITB Therapy program, the Medtronic Ambassador Program, screening test information and more. It can be viewed within the app or doctors can send the resources directly to their patient’s email. The last section details important safety information concerning the baclofen injection.

Medtronic continues to add to its mobile and informatics portfolio with the Assess Spasticity app. Medtronic is also partnering with IBM’s Watson to analyze data from their implanted devices — further highlighting their increased focus on medical informatics.

Assess Spasticity
By Medtronic, Inc.

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