Learning Chest x-ray interpretation takes time and repetition.  This skill is often done in the wards during 3rd and 4th year of medical school. Medical Students are taught to be systematic when interpreting Chest X-rays, often times being taught mnemonics, such as ABCDEF.

In the past we’ve reviewed a few different medical apps that help with Chest X-ray interpretation. Dr. Lally reviewed Chest X-ray training and liked the quiz format of the app and felt it was good for beginners. He also reviewed CXR Free, and felt the radiology app offered a great primer on Chest X-ray interpretation.

One of the best resources I’ve found for learning how to read Chest-xrays is from Dr. Eric Strong. He is an Assistant Professor at Stanford in Internal Medicine. His Youtube Channel has over 70,000 subscribers. He has high quality medical education videos that are relatively short, concise, and contain great content.

Dr. Strong’s Interpreting Chest X-ray Series is particularly useful and a must watch for medical students, resident physician trainees, and even seasoned physicians to brush up on their skills.

Below is the first video in his series: (make sure to visit Dr. Strong’s Youtube Channel)

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