Heine Optotechnik has released its iC1 dermatoscope app, which is designed for use with the Heine iC1 digital dermatoscope, a new capturing device that monitors and supports differential diagnosis of melanoma and other skin lesions. Heine Optotechnik explains the dermatoscope app “enables the documentation and administration of patient pictures in a professional manner” and includes several practical features, including the ability to capture images using polarized and non-polarized light modes and the ability to transfer pictures through standard email to a patient management system. The dermatology app also allows comment annotation, designation of a picture to a body map, and data control through storage on the smartphone inside.

The interface for the Heine iC1 app is divided into 4 sections: User, compendium, terms of usage, and legal notice. During the initial installation of the app, it requests access to your phone’s photo collection and camera, for obvious reasons. In the user section, clinicians have the option to always store patient photos and to send a form letter via email to a colleague asking for a second opinion. The compendium provides a chart with the available Heine dermatoscopes and their specifications, and a useful guide to dermascopy that includes basic principles, an algorithm for differentiating melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin tumors, as well as several skin images of early invasive melanomas to help make the differential diagnosis.

The Heine iC1 dermatoscopy app joins several educational tools available to clinicians to look for more information on how to use a dermatoscope, including a virtual dermatoscope, available from Cardiff University, which is designed as a tool to help practitioners who would like to practice and hone their skills. Dermascopy: An Illustrated Self-Assessment Guide, a more in-depth resource, is available online for Kindle devices and as paperback.


By HEINE Optotechnik

Price: Free

iPhone, iPad
Android: Unavailable