Many medical students, junior physicians, nurses and other health care providers ask “how do we track our procedures or patients?” For US resident physicians, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requires surgical specialties to track procedures/cases on their secure website. They also require all specialties to track certain numbers to help demonstrate competency and milestone achievement.

These requirements vary by specialty; for example in family medicine, we track critical care patients, outpatient continuity visits, inpatient encounters, pediatric emergency visits and numerous outpatient and inpatient procedures, all based on the current FM RC requirements. For most residency programs that are not permitted to use the ACGME procedure log (most primary care specialties), a number of commercial residency management software solutions exist. Companies such as, New Innovations, and E*value have become a necessity for Program Directors to track resident evaluations, competencies, milestones and procedures. Most of these companies have either web apps or native apps to permit mobile data entry.

But what should providers use after residency? What if your program or school doesn’t utilize one of these systems? What can EMTs, NP’s, PA’s, nurses use? Here at iMedicalApps we have looked at a few different procedure logging apps — including EM Procedures Log (no longer available in the US) and Surgichart. Most of these procedure logging apps have not been favorably reviewed due to either concerns with HIPAA, poor interfaces with other cloud providers such as Box or Dropbox, or poor interfaces. For many providers, using an app like Evernote may be the ideal solution due to proven ongoing support for the app — obviously you can’t put any patient identifiers in the logging of the procedure.

The latest entry to the procedure logging app ecosystem is Clinical Skills. This procedure logging app is produced by a company called MedTree in the UK. Clinical Skills is designed to help UK clinicians track shifts and clinical skills performed on shifts. The procedure logging app includes the ability to add multiple procedures on the same patient, add “new” clinical skills and generate shareable reports.

Video Review

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Evidence based medicine

The Clinical Skills app isn’t really intended to provide any evidence based medicine, but certainly provides the user and potential supervisors with “evidence” of clinical skill accomplishments.

Who would benefit from this App?

Any healthcare provider who would like to track their clinical skills and procedures. The app is clearly geared for UK providers involved in urgent care/emergency medicine. Conceivably the app could be used by students, EMT’s, PA’s, NP’s, primary care and emergency medicine providers.

Clinical Skills - Record, Learn, Develop

Available for Android on 16 February 2016

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official policy of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.

  • Price
    • Free
    • Ability to both enter skills and track work shifts.
    • Can enter multiple procedures/skills on the same patient.
    • Ability to generate graphical and more standard reports.
    • Reports can be uploaded/shared including Dropbox, Box, Evernote.
  • Dislikes
    • App would benefit from more customization for specific procedures, other specialties.
    • Takes too long to enter specific procedures.
    • Uncertain data safety/HIPAA compliance/longevity of support.
  • Overall

    A useful addition to clinical skills/procedure tracking for UK providers. Conceivably could be used by US providers, but some UK specific language in app may make it less desirable. Could be improved with faster data entry with few steps.

  • Overall Score
  • User Interface

    Takes too long with too many steps to enter specific procedures. Customization is possible, but not as robust as it should be.

  • Multimedia Usage

    Generates detailed reports with high quality graphics that can be easily shared, printed and uploaded right from the app.

  • Price

    App is free.

  • Real World Applicability

    For providers in the UK who do not have other “required” options by their programs or hospital, Clinical Skills may just be the perfect fit. For US providers, the app probably has too many compromises. We would continue to advocate using your residency program required systems or if post-GME, consider Evernote.

  • Device Used For Review

    iPhone 6S running iOS 9.2

  • Available for DownloadiPhoneiPad